Ephram Pratt Accelerates the Void

time is the distance

it takes to
release thunder

from a cloud,
release silence

from misguided

delving into
a slow range of

dark windows
lining the boulevard,

ducking into
its own silence,

while the sounds
of electricity

dangle solemnly
from a clouded inertia,

calling softly
into the void.



About the Poet:
Living in a small, isolated town in eastern Oregon, Jack e Lorts has appeared widely, if infrequently, over the past 50+ years in such publications as Arizona Quarterly, Kansas Quarterly, English Journal and High Desert Journal. Author of three chapbook, his most recent, Dear Gilbert Sorrentino & Other Poems (Finishing Line Press); he is active in local & state politics, a Hillary delegate to Denver in 2008, ran for the Oregon House, served as mayor of Fossil, Oregon for six years.



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