Discussion with a Science Teacher: Fish in the Anus

Mister, is it true that a fish can live
in a cucumbers ass? and I
didn’t know that cucumbers
had assholes. I’ll never eat those
again, Mister.

Yes, it’s true. I read that a certain
small fish in the Gulf of Cortez can
and does spend part of its life
in a sea cucumber’s anus. A
sea cucumber is not the same
thing that appears in salads.

Oh, that’s good. Can you help
me find a picture, Mister? I
need to write a report for my
science teacher, and I wanted
something really cool.

Well, I think you found it. But
be careful how you write it.

What do you mean, Mister?

Don’t copy word-for-word
and don’t use “ass” or
“hole,” especially together.
Your teacher may
not approve. And include
where you found it on the
internet. That’s called your

Mister, do you think that
there are other animals
that live in other animals’
body parts?

Yes, indeed. There’s a bug
in her ear and butterflies
in my stomach.

Thank you, Mister. You are
a nice man.

Good luck with your report.
And remember, no assholes, okay?



About the Poet:
John Dorroh taught high school science for 30 years and met students wherever they were and helped them to discover their gifts. He used writing and reading-based strategies to help them learn science concepts and principles. John has a book of micro-fiction, about 30 science diddies, and several poems in various print and on-line publications.



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