The Internet Is So Big It Swallows Me

is there any way I can eliminate all self-doubting phrases and unnecessary approximations from my vocabulary without coming across as inaccessible? please advise. I got to my first class late this morning because I fell into my mirror and forgot briefly how to get out. I have tried on 5 outfits. in therapy, they mostly blame your problems on the things you tell yourself when it’s late and no one is online anymore. my Facebook status last night stating ‘my best yoga pose is the downward spiral’ got 44 likes and 0 inbox messages. every time you left I took a picture of the sky and hung it on the wall. in elementary school, a friend of mine told me she’d see me tomorrow and never came back. when my chain-smoking neighbour tells stories about his weekend, he always says ‘I couldn’t make this stuff up’. I accept this as a somber confession, and turn away.



About the Poet:
Esther Chen is a poet pursuing her BFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. More of her work can be found on her website ( and in the third upcoming issue of If And Only If.


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