We love serving up a delicious new poem every morning for breakfast.  However, we’ve added so much to our plate that we just can’t keep up with it all.  This past March we opened the Poetry and Arts Barn in New Egypt, NJ.  It’s an exciting adventure and one that will keep us crazy busy all spring and summer, from running workshops, hosting readings, curating locally made crafts and art to sell, and so much more.

To make sure we can keep up with it all, Poetry Breakfast will be on hiatus until the end of the summer.  Come fall, it’ll be a little chillier at the barn and things will slow down there which will give us the chance to start serving up a nice warm poetry breakfast each morning through the fall and winter months.

In the meantime, poetry submissions are closed.  We’ll announce late in the summer when they will reopen.

And if you happen to be in NJ, we’d love to see you at the barn.  You can find us at The Poetry and Arts Barn, Building #43, 933 Monmouth Rd., Cream Ridge, NJ 08514.