Fairy Tale

If Rumpelstiltskin
appeared from straw
and demanded my first born
he would have to take
the poem that went
south one winter day
when my love told me
it didn’t make sense:
there’s sense
and nonsense I’d say,
staring the little man down:
I would win
having learned
the hard way
not to go giving
pieces of myself
to every gnome
who comes along
pointing his finger
stamping his feet



About the Poet:
Karen Bingham Pape is a teacher and writer. Her poems have appeared in small press publications such as Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review and Maverick Press and in on-line journals such as Big River Review, Red River Review, Words-Myth, bluepepper, The Artistic Muse: Pohemians, and Perigee. She has read her work at conferences such as Southwestern ACA/PCA Pop Culture, ASU Annual Writers Conferences in Honor of Elmer Kelton, and Fort Concho Literary Festival.


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