Poetry Breakfast returns with a new item on our menu:  Poetry Book Reviews.

We’ll still be serving up a fresh new poem Monday through Friday.  But on the weekends we’ll be dishing out reviews and recommendations for poetry books.

Submission are currently being accepted.   See our Submission Guidelines for all the details.

We will start serving up poems and book reviews May 1st, 2019.

Poetry Book Reviews and Recommendations:
We’ve added something new to Poetry Breakfast – Poetry Book Reviews and Recommendations. You can now submit your poetry book for possible review and recommendation.

If accepted for the Reviews and Recommendations, we will write up a brief review and publish one or two poems from the collection. Also included will be your brief bio and direct link(s) to where the book can be purchased.

We also have a Poetry Books to Consider section. While we do not give a full review on these books, the basic info, author bio and links to where the books can be purchased are listed.

All books submitted will be considered first for Reviews and Recommendations. If not accepted there, we will then consider them for Poetry Books to Consider.

How to Submit Poetry Books for Review:

  • Email submissions to PoetryBreakfast@outlook.com
  • In the subject line put BOOK SUBMISSION – Your Name ( example: BOOK SUBMISSION – Jane Doe).
  • Attach a pdf, epub, Word doc. or docx. copy of the book. You may also send a physical copy. Email us for a mailing address. Please note that postal submissions will not be returned.
  • Attach a picture of the book cover, preferably a jpeg.
  • Include the book title and name of publisher. Self-published books are welcome.
  • Include your book blurb or description.
  • Include links to where the book can be purchased.
  • Include a brief 3rd person bio under 175 words (a link to your site or blog can be included).
  • If selected for our Reviews and Recommendations we will publish one or two poems along with the review. If there are poems you would like published or ones you do not want us to publish with the review, include that information in your submission.

Response time on books is 1 to 3 months.