I’d like to think (October 14, 1995)
by Marietta Calvanico

Your scent is
in my hair
(or maybe in my mind)
clouding that grey territory
of things said/unsaid

maybe it doesn’t matter
if the moment was left silent
maybe it’s all the same
whether through words or touch
or some other-worldly sense

we are locked in this present
it’s like a train pulling away
as we run down the stairs
getting there just in time
to see its lights
disappear into the tunnel


About the Poet: Marietta Calvanico lives in Staten Island, NY. After spending a bit more than two decades in advertising/marketing, she now works with her architect husband and has been able to devote more time to writing, art and music. Her poetry, short fiction and non-fiction have appeared in print and in on-line publications including The Bare Root Review, OccuPoetry, Dying Dahlia, River Poets, The Driftwood Review, damselfly press, Straight Forward Poetry, Bond Street Review and others.