Pillow Talk
by J.P. Plunkett

We’re always searching for him,
Yet have we ever considered
that he doesn’t want to be found?
You’ll catch glimpses of him down by the beach
or at the mall. Maybe you’ll see him at the museum.
He has a dog now, oddly, red and white tail peeking out behind walls.
He’s hard to find too.
I saw him a little bit when I was skiing,
but I got distracted and ran into a tree.
Why Waldo?
Why are you so hard to find?

J.P. Plunkett is a sophomore English major at Saint John’s University.  He loves writing and intends  to become an official short story/poet writer in the next few years.  He has been writing for fun since 7th grade and has had a lot of fun the last six years seeing where creative writing has taken him.