by Kenneth P. Gurney 

The dead who came
and visited me last night in a dream
were people I had not thought of
in at least twenty years—
most of them I knew from college.

As happens in dreams
they did not speak to me
even though many opened their mouths
as if to say something
and it was all like a puzzle
I had to figure out,
just as our relationships
when we were younger were a puzzle
that we worked out
over late night beer
or early morning coffee.

After waking from the dream
and the visitation of the dead
I wondered why it was this night
they chose to visit after so long a time
and I was relieved that so many
I long ago called friends
were absent from this visitation,
although I had not heard from them
since graduation.


Kenneth P. Gurney lives in Albuquerque, NM, USA with his beloved Dianne.  He edits the anthology Adobe Walls which contains the poetry of New Mexico.  His latest book is This is not Black & White.  To learn more visit