Life Can Change in an Instant
By Catherine Giordano

Both had the day off;
they came up with a plan.
Lunch at the White Wolf café;
a walk around Lake Eola.

At the intersection
of Orange and Colonial,
two suspects fleeing a robbery
blaze through the light.

Covered in blood.
Unable to move.
“It was so fast.”

Two people
in the exact wrong place
at the exact wrong time.
One moment can change a life.

Our lives, at the mercy
of randomness.
Luck is unpredictable.
It is hard to make sense of it.

Today’s poem is from Catherine Giordano’s blog . Each day she takes an article from the Orlando Sentinel, her local newspaper, and transforms it into a poem. She selects words from the article, keeping them in their original order, without adding any words. She is the author of The Poetry Connection and What Ifs, If Onlys and So Whats, a book of essays based on her speeches.