Not So Still Lives
by Don Kingfisher Campbell

Sun streaming through blinds makes oranges and apples in a basket on a
wooden dining table look like still life. Presence and aroma warm a living
room so much a tan carpet feels almost as inviting as earth to bare feet.
Lone desk lamp lights clay-colored desk into a model of an urban landscape.
Ebony laptop dominates surface like a modern building made of metal and
plastic. Its great window, a screen advertising ideas of the world. A bottle
of water nearby glazes nearly empty of emotion, just condensation of an
owner’s breath. A gentle mechanic whoosh and whirr mimic a typing body’s
efficiency. Oh oh, here comes another being to embrace the poet.

Don Kingfisher Campbell is currently studying for an MFA in Poetry at
Antioch University, Los Angeles. Mr. Campbell has taught Creative Writing
for 27 years in the Occidental College Upward Bound program and has been a
Guest Teacher even longer for the Los Angeles Unified School District.
Kingfisher is the host of Saturday Afternoon Poetry in Pasadena, editor of
the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, and founder of POETRYpeople youth
writing workshops. Don has recently been awarded a commission by the city
of Pasadena to compose a poem for the City Speaks art exhibit and also won
first place in the 2011 Whittier Poetry Contest.