Constant Reflection
After reading Daniel Simko’s “Departures”
by Isabalino Anastasio Guzman

I enter you as an angel enters
a scythe.
I find nothing.

The room has been replaced with
a desert of glass, some mirror
fragments, and a slash
of birds through leaves of lava
(in the distance).

A wheel of eyes revolve around
whatever is left of me;
a floating rag from an old shirt,
the still-born eye (melting),
the fat leaking from my chest.

I cannot pretend much, anymore.
To remain honest, I search
the distance for a blue sun.

Isabalino Anastasio Guzman is an aspiring full-time poet from Brooklyn, New York. The main goal in his writing is an attempt at reflecting society and the personal self, through Surrealism. He is currently working on his first book, a reflection on his struggle with his Puerto Rican heritage. Isabalino is currently published in over a dozen publications; including Big City Lit, The Same Magazine, Symmetry Pebbles, Underground Voices, Toe Good Poetry, and Shot Glass Journal.