Twisting in damp sheets,
we seek one cool place.
Southern air still as death
smothers sleep.
Heat lightning bursts
behind pine trees.
Fireflies’ faint flashes
signal summer.

Years before conditioned air
Daddy builds a fan.
Sweet relief, drawn across
glistening necks,
Prickles of drying,
honeysuckle scent,
Creeee of crickets
Lulls us to sleep.

About the Poet:
Becca Burke Allison has been a poet and writer for decades but only actually claimed it in her fifties. She worked as an Army cook, retiring in 1996, and drove a tractor trailer for some time after that. She finally realized those occupations left her mind free to write, and stopped wondering why she never wanted to be a lawyer. She has had a poem and a short story published in online publications, and writes a blog called Daydreamer found at http://beccaallison.blogspot.com


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Photo by Frankenthal.