You’ll Go

She tells you grace is boring
And you believe her
Because her mouth moves like foreign language.
So, grace must be boring.
She believes in things
Like the beautiful corpse
And that people with mortgages are boring;
Like grace.
God help you, you start seeing
The sense in her religion
Because her hands have joined the argument
And it all makes such a smooth case.
She smiles like you know nothing,
Her eyes in yours,
And you realize you know nothing.
The argument has taken almost all of you,
She wants to go travelling
And you’ll go,
Because she asks you to come.


A Note On Wasting Time

whether snorting coke
or drinking fools of themselves
whether they went to war or
watched shitty tv
they weren’t wasting time
they were getting great at Dying.


About the Poet:
Miguel Eichelberger writes out of Vancouver, Canada with his authoress wife. He is a traveller, highwayman and untrained flautist. His poetry has appeared in literary magazines such as Vancouver Review, Existere, San Diego State University’s pacificREVIEW, Indiana University’s From The Well House, Joypuke and many others. His first play, Cave, was shortlisted for the 2015 Vancouver Fringe New Play Prize and was selected for the 2015 rEvolver festival in Vancouver.


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Photo by Rondell Melling.