Final Observation


There is no death
for memories

as long as they can
be turned to stories


skin turns to things just recalled

write down this which sticks out amidst
ethers of numbness and forgetting

sparks falling into a pond
there is something like

a cold voice
turning to a heartbeat
a heartbeat
turning to a scribbling sound

read the story,
tell the story
let life wait in
notebooks that wait


a final observation:
poetry is always going to hurt
but it will be the ache
before you go to sleep
the stiffness in limbs
that say tomorrow you will be stronger


fate will gather along the highway,
gathering pelts

the lives of what it wears will sink into it
and you will always ache for an animal freedom

and when you feel best , you will run free no longer
understanding that there are dangers upon the road

live your life to be remembered
to be part of someone else’s poems
another skin full of stories
pages that will last longer than paper



About the Poet:
Curtis Whitecarroll is a poet and reading-event producer living in Portland, Oregon He has been published in Multiple online and print magazines.


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Photo by Jay Mantri.