The Unraveling
R&J II 1-2

After the paradox of the first act;
where a holy palmer’s kiss unravels
the alphanumeric logic in meter;
a boomerang effect’ takes place.

In the second act
of this tragedy:

We have hair arrangements,
turn from braided rose patterns
getting unwound then released,

into flowing curls’
so their roses are
read by memory.

The first scene, such lines readjust
from alphanumeric logic and refresh
to what we later refer to as free-verse
and so that leads us to the balcony.

The balcony scene (where time
stands still like, a passage be-
tween galaxies in the universe)
drops by in the a-cappella duet.


About the Poet:
Chris Macalino is a Winnipeg writer. He is reading Canadian Poetry from The 70s, postmodern novels, and interested in holo-novel theory. He was one of the winners of The Manitoban Literature Competition in 2015. He hopes to have a book published someday in the future.


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Photo by Eduardo Domingos.