Lavender Days

It was a summer of letters.

You there, me here.
The days of thinking slowly,
rolling words around
until they landed just right.

The days of ink to vellum
blotter dabbing splotches,
hand heavy with emotion
or tear drops of missing.

Sometimes our words crossed
like the wind shifting,
dropping seeds too early
for rooting or delectable feast.

They rest now on the top shelf
bundled amidst paling ribbons
dried wisps of lavender
and receding memories.


About the Poet:
Lillian Hallberg is an emeritus dean of MBA programs who prefers the word rejuvenatement rather than retirement. She lives in Boston and begins her mornings with a steaming cup of coffee, reading and writing poetry. Published in Provincetown Magazine and North End Waterfront, she was invited to read her poetry at Bermuda’s World Poetry Day in March 2016. Her poetry and flash fiction can be found at


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Photo by PDArchive.