snow must’ov lost its glitter

At war with my own mind. I’m my own prisoner keep myself confined

Going completely insane feeling despair and pain.

I used to wish for an open window but then I realized nothing could save me. Not even open air.

Nobody was safe cant even claim freedom from free space.

It is painful for those locked away. Being tortured watching joy, love, and happiness that’s the debt you’ll pay.

Weakness withering you bitter. Tasting just like winter the snow must’ov lost its glitter.

There are endless rules to ad-hear, If you breach whats expected you had better beware.

Regular routine is the key. Never unveil that your not what you are pretending to be. Fake it til you make it. Show them who they want to see.

Lock this all up inside of you, no matter how poorly it holds. You must lookout for your doubts or they’ll conquer you and swallow you whole.

Just to prove you that I’m here, tears tremble down my face serving as souvenirs. Living my dreams stitching the tears within my seams.

Is it possible to expect to grow with a time bomb ticking inside? Can I figure how to defuse it without destroying it’s ride?

If not end my journey now instead of disappointing myself another minute. At least I’ll be safe from digits and statistics.

Killing everything that is uniquely you is it really worth it to risk it?


About the Poet:
Rain was born in 1993 in Buffalo, NY. Rain Bethel-Cooper began writing in 1999. She done a lot of her early art work at Locust Street Neighborhood Art Classes. Her inspiration for writing came from watching the staff at Locust Street Art write grants. That’s when she realized “writing gave you the power of voice!” Her first poetry performance was at Em Tea Coffee Cup Café. Since then she has performed for Just Buffalo at Klienhans Music Hall, El Museo, Locust Street Art , The Colored Musicians Club, Roswell Park Performance Hall, McKinley High School “Spread The Love, Keep The Peace Memorial , Shea’s Smith Theater, Albright Knox Art Gallery, Pure Ink Poetry L.I.P.s show, Trinity Youth Poetry Jam, SOY (Spotlight On Youth) and the Science Museum. She has performed along side great poets such as Li Yung-Lee, Lucile Clifton, and N’tare Ali Gault. And is also a former Njozi Poet!


Photo by Silent Pilot.


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