My minimalized uterus

A tower ahead steering me towards the dead
A little shuttle locks the path

I am dying here
Sitting wealthy in the airport’s waiting area

I will bleed to death
Leaving nothing but my minimalized



My lost feet

I had the beach all to myself
Despite my wish for closer relations

Fifty years have passed
And here I am
Isolated from the longed for world
Going on all around my lost feet



The skull of Mother Earth

The skull of Mother Earth
lays resting on Milky Way’s worn out diamonds

Empty as a newly exorcised christian
she begs for mercy



About the Poet:
Ninni Andersen is a Norwegian poet who has been living in Sweden the last 20 years.  She was born in the city of Drammen, Norway, in 1963.  She has been studying Art History, Philosophy and Social Work at the University of Umeå and the University of Linköping, Sweden.  She started writing in the early 90ties in Norwegian, but has since then also been writing poetry in Swedish and in English.  During a few years she was part of the poetry group Jordens Poeter (The Poets of the Earth) which arranged Open Stages for poetry in Stockholm.  Ninni Andersen has so far been self-published on the Internet at  and at


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Photo from Pixabay.