No longer needing to commute,
We move out of the city.
Seeking the quiet inside a snow globe,
The simplicity of tails instead of tail lights

I’m charmed by the view out my window
Two swayed back mares
Eating hay, sleeping
Their world defined by a barbed wire fence

Outside through heavy snowfall
And minus 20 degree weather
Eating, sleeping
Echoes of the circular instructions on shampoo bottles
Lather, rinse, repeat

“Being put out to pasture” acquires new meaning
At least I have my volunteer work



About the Poet:
Although previously published in “Scaling the Face of Reason: An Anthology of Canadian Poetry”, an eventful family life and successful career did not leave enough space for poetry. After germinating in the rich soil of motherhood and work as a nurse, Kimberly Peterson now returns to poetry full time.


Photo by Junior Perez Junior.


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