Inspiration Buffet – This week’s Inspiration Buffet features two poems by Maggie Koger that stir up many questions about the natural (or artificial) ingredients of poetry.


Fantastic Voyage
by Maggie Koger

Sky whispers blue and then
reddens–prefacing dark.

Wind whistles and roars
shattering calm updrafts.

Rainbow arches in spectrum
a smooth curvilinear bow.

Water steams, bubbles, boils
incited by fire.

Waves pound and stars blink.
None of this is imagined.

Verb folding inward
still as a held breath.



by Maggie Koger

Ice melts
Silt settles
Sand washes
Waves rise
++++++and fall
Fish leap
Terns dive
Sun flames
Clouds rally
++++++then drift
Only poetry (never) lies


Maggie Koger is a Media Specialist with a writing habit. She lives and works in Boise and celebrates Le Bois–the trees the city is named for. She has published poetry in Poet Lore, Avocet, Mused, WestWard Quarterly, Montucky, Blast Furnace, and Eternal Haunted Summer.

Photo by Adrian Kirby.


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