I am a prism, the pieces of myself fragmented
into color-coded chambers. I am a spectrum
split between wavelengths of refracted inferred
and iridescent radiance. I isolate, absorb, and reflect.

I am a double helix, fighting upstream
on a downward spiral. I cover-up
my DNA make-up, try to decode
what’s been encoded into me.

I am a reflection,
not of the cellulite in my genes
or the booze in my blood,
not of the grey hair and wrinkles
that were both inherited and earned.

No, I reflect the spectrum.
I am proof that the rain will end,
that chains can be broken,
that anything can shine,
if held to the right light.


About the Poet:
Katie Rendon Kahn lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, where she chases adventure and poetry prompts with her children. Kahn and her 11 year old daughter turned a poem about places they wanted to see into a children’s book series called “World Adventures.” But, that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to write about the grown up stuff, too. Her poems have appeared in Blackwater Review, Broken Publications, Diverse Voices Quarterly, The Barefoot Review, and other anthologies.


Photo from Unsplash.


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