If Stephen King Wrote Poetry

it still goes on
those little things
that annoyed me about you

the casket’s closed
but the kitchen cabinets remain open

it’s like you’re here
going through the junk drawer
leaving the toilet seat up

the dog wags its tail
at your Laz-Z-Boy

your favorite beer
fills my fridge
your socks lay on the floor

our grandchild
still talks to you

your aftershave
calls my name from
hand towels and pillow cases

the damn lawnmower
refuses to start without you

along with the old Ford,
barbeque grill,
and the sump pump

which leads me to
your photo on the wall

as I wonder if those eyes
are asking me to follow
or simply saying good-bye



About the Poet:
As a hospice volunteer Alan Harris helps patients write stories, poems and letters. Harris is a 61 year-old graduate student. He writes short stories, plays, and poetry based primarily upon the life-stories of friends, family and total strangers. Harris is the 2011 recipient of the Stephen H. Tudor Scholarship in Creative Writing, the 2014 John Clare Poetry Prize, and the 2015 Tompkins Poetry Award from Wayne State University. In addition he is the father of seven, grandfather of eight, as well as a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee.


Photo by Mystics Art Design.



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