We still talk about the apricot
preserves confiscated at the airport
when we didn’t know
jelly was a liquid. We envision
a stranger spreading our shiny,
sunburst-orange affection
intended for another.

On a different trip,
returning from Honolulu,
I stand in security, wiser
and a little vain, adjusting
my new hair clip’s plastic flower
(same color as that damn jam).
I see a sign: “No Snow Globes”—
not that I purchased one on the island;
it’s just those ice skaters, their flawless
landscapes, the happy-go-lucky
immortal snowflakes,
already shrunk
to their most innocent.


About the Poet:
Marjorie Thomsen holds a master’s degree in social work from Catholic University in Washington, DC. Her poems have won awards from the New England Poetry Club and the University of Iowa School of Social Work. Pretty Things Please, her first collection of poetry, will be published in 2016 (WordTech Editions). Marjorie lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Photo from Unsplash.


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