The Adventurer

Having been outside
all through the long cold night
the cat returns. Let him come in.
Well might you ask, but he’ll tell you nowt.
He’s conquered the Persians perhaps,
or steered his ships
around the Cape; whereas you –
you have the plates, the beds, the bins …

About the Poet:
This poem is from ‘The Human Hive’, a collection of poems by John Looker, which explores human nature by looking at people at work around the globe and down the ages. In the UK the book has been endorsed by the Poetry Library which took the volume into the UK’s national poetry collection.  It was published by Bennison Books in 2015 through Amazon (see ). John Looker lives in England and also publishes a blog: ‘Poetry from John Looker’ at


Photo by Benjamin Balazs.


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