The Woman Who Fed the Doves

Short and compactly Sicilian
she was the pastor’s mother––a priest––

her only child; a son. She started her car
every morning, put it in gear, gunned it

in a semi-circle from curb to curb
until one day she plowed across the street

into camellias and stucco down to the mesh.
Someone called police; the priest came

flapping his pudgy hands. She fed mourning
doves in her back yard, a grey cloud

of thousands and thousands of them,
sated, leaving. Always some drama.

She would stand on the sidewalk, aiming
the Evil Eye––Il Malochio––

through a living room window.
I used to hear the call and response

of doves softly echoing across treetops.
The priest finally put his mother in a place

where she died, and the doves went away.
Now all I hear is the raucous cawing of crows.



About the Poet:
Jane Blue has been published widely both in print and on-line, including antholgies, books and chapbooks. recent publication includes Avatar, Panoplyzine, and the anthology Unrequited Love. A new book of poems, Blood Moon, was published by FutureCycle Press in 2014and is available on She also has a memoir at Amazon, on Kindle only, My Mother and Amelia Earhart. She was born and raised in Berkeley, California but now lives near the Sacramento River.


Photo by Amber Avalona.


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