Why I Still Have Hope For Humanity

on a train
this morning
packed so tight
with heart pounding
humans of every stripe
from chest to beating chest
our arms could not be raised,
though the filmy heat of breathing
bodies surrounded our shifting noses,
though someone felt this was a good place
for a loud conversation on her pocketed phone,
sidelong glances confirmed our common knowledge
of her social transgression. There’s always one. Yet still

we all swayed


About the Poet:
Ryan Warren lives with his family by the sea in Northern California. His poetry has previously appeared in numerous journals including California Quarterly, Amaryllis, Wilderness House Literary Review, Firefly Magazine, Verse-Virtual, Ekphrastic and the anthology, Carry The Light. More on his published works can be found at www.facebook.com/RyanWarrenPoetry.


Photo by Brian Ucla.


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