I am a wall.
I circle in
tight corners, level and square.
I have no door.

I’ve been bleeding out
all over the house.
I can walk up and down stairs
tens of times.

My powers of distraction are legendary,
but the space between my fingers is ever present.
At any moment,
small slivers.

Living life in negative space:
the arch of doorways;
empty glasses;
picture frames.

Earth is a refrigerator.
I dream of cold storage in Antartica.

It is at this moment I know I need new windows.



About the Poet:
K. D. Rose is a poet and author. Her book, Inside Sorrow, won the Readers Favorite 2013 International Silver Medal for Poetry. K.D. has poetry upcoming in Stray Branch Magazine and The Nuclear Impact Anthology. Her latest release is The Brevity of Twit. She regrets not possessing a piece of paper that says MFA but hopes you won’t hold that against her. Her favorite poets are dead or unknowns she reads in Literary magazines.


Photo by Quartzla.


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