The War Against the Ants

The ants marched up from the cellar
through a crack in the bathtub caulking

twelve abreast. No wonder they’re called
an army. We sprayed poison.

What else can you do? If only we were
Zen enough to whisper, “Go. Sweethearts,

you don’t belong here.” But instead
we committed genocide. Now

a few disoriented stragglers stumble
on the basin, zig-zag and finally

turn to inert black dots. They go to the sink
to die. And I want to cry for them.

Is this how God feels?

About the Poet:
Jane Blue has been published widely both in print and on-line, including antholgies, books and chapbooks. recent publication includes Avatar, Panoplyzine, and the anthology Unrequited Love. A new book of poems, Blood Moon, was published by FutureCycle Press in 2014and is available on She also has a memoir at Amazon, on Kindle only, My Mother and Amelia Earhart. She was born and raised in Berkeley, California but now lives near the Sacramento River.


Photo by Phoenix Sierra.


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