Your senses dulled by what has yet to be known, intentions
become loose threads collectively binding noose to pole.

Shuddering lips synthesize pulses,
ephemeral breaths

that hang in the air as if clotheslines. You try
bottling seasons in steps,

capturing summer in sweat,
and pouring it on floorboards, but the responses all

flood through dusty bootstraps left behind
in a tornado shelter long abandoned.

Step back in time, you think,
before answers fashioned entropic universes

unfair to all tenderness. Inhale the chill
of morning’s vanishing dewdrops, step

outside into the garden for one last shaky breath,
otherwise evaporation remains

wholly overlooked.



About the Poet:
Jacob DeVoogd is an MFA candidate at Western Michigan University where he serves as a graduate instructor. Born in Detroit, raised in Chicago, Jacob currently lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


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