The Vital Act of Burying

burying your dreams
requires many shovels:
the flat, broad “I´ll-do-
it-no-matter-what” one
as well as the tiny, sharp
the-truth” one

it has different tempi,
too, ranging from
the frantic “I´ll-work-
or till I bite it, to
the nerve-wrecking “I´ll-drill-

only the mid tempo and the
medium-sized shovel may
give you the chance to un-
earth something in the process:
the hatchet in the war against your self,
which you should have buried deeper
and deeper in the first place.



About the Poet:
Frank Joussen has published two selections of poetry, one of them being a bilingual collaboration with Romanian poet Ana Cicio, and has edited two international anthologies of poetry/fiction in India. His poems and short stories have also been published in a variety of (print and online) literary magazines and anthologies in G.B., Ireland, Germany, Romania, Malta, the U.S.A., Canada, India, Thailand, China and have been translated into German, Romanian, Hindi and Chinese. He is currently working as a co-editor on an international anthology of family stories. Frank is an English teacher in Germany, member of a peace group and a one-world group.


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