Facebook Findings

Press and like the number five.
Jane the virgin on Twitter
This spoon takes away
the effects of the shakes

When you get fresh sheets
and you just shaved your legs.

This dude spent eight years
growing a chair
Shannon has exactly 200 friends.
Kakistocracy- government by
the worst available people.

You are convicted by your complicity.
Did Jesus leave us a tip to diabetes?
This is what happens when
you wrap your teeth in
aluminum foil for an hour.

Age your spirits at home.

There are several islands
atop the falls
and they are Zambian.

There’s a lot of gross bullshit
that goes on
in the creative world.

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About the Poet:
Ed Ahern resumed writing after forty odd years in foreign intelligence and international sales. He’s had something over a hundred thirty poems and stories published so far, and two books.


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