Play It Again

I can’t get the old songs out of my head–
Fly Me to the Moon, Unforgettable–
lyrics crooned across generations.

But life isn’t a warped 33 rpm
slowly spinning on a wobbly turntable,
the needle caught in the vinyl groove
of Nat singing perpetually “unforget…unforget…”

No, life zips pell-mell one year to the next,
full throttle to the end.
+++++++++++++++++++ And still,
that interruption, that reminder,
in spite of it all, as time goes by,
“…a kiss is just a kiss…”



About the Poet:
Christine Vovakes lives in northern California. Her poems have appeared in San Pedro River Review, The Cape Rock, JAMA, California Quarterly, Boston Literary Magazine, Apple Valley Review, the Marin Poetry Center Anthology and more. The Washington Post, Sacramento Bee and San Francisco Chronicle, among others, have printed her articles and photos.


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