Present Wrapping

The slow unfolding of thick silken paper,
Razor sharp edges, chemical odours,
The charming metallic numerals,
Dancing in celebration of your wisdom,
A birthday another,

I carefully lay creases in the corners precisely,
With double washed fingers,
Trembling slightly,
A delicate symmetry,
My gift to you sits proudly,
Centred and cushioned,
Amidst bubbles of plastic air,
Swiftly I peel back a thin layer,
Of transparent glue,
Thinking of you,

Then releasing my breath,
I smile with satisfaction,
Admiring my handiwork,
For succeeding without error,
To stick in position,
A token of my love for you.


About the Poet:
Sapphire Elisha is a British writer, musician and trainee speech pathologist. Her poetry is strongly influenced by urban landscapes and social communities within the UK. Having started writing poetry at the age of six, her aim is to connect with people, through writing freely about life’s simple pleasures and the shared experience of being human. Originally from the North West coast of England, Sapphire currently lives in Sheffield, where she finds inspiration in the history of the “steel city” and the beauty of the surrounding Peak District. Sapphire Elisha’s poetry can be found at Sapphire Elisha



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