Shades of Gray

Between the light and dark lie many shades of gray,
easily misunderstood by those not interested
in searching the sky for shapes.
With curiosity comes an acceptance of the continuum
from silver ash to smokey midnight.
Shades that vary only by a brushstroke of ink,
yet change a life in ways that can never be turned back.
The dark that challenges us to grow
and pushes the fearful through the door.
The light that illuminates
on the other side.




About the Poet:
Ali Grimshaw, is the author of the poetry blog Flashlight Batteries,, that offers hope for those struggling in the darkness and a mirror for tough times in life. Ali is a lover of questions, Zydeco dance teacher, educator, mother and a poet at heart. She is passionate about leading shared writing experiences so that others may experience the power of their own voices.



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