Questions for Winter

Building its sequined dune against the garden door —
Can snow sense the futility of accumulation?
Does ice dream of melting into the earth’s arms?
Hydrangea plays possum on dead wood
Brittle sky offers an empty bowl
The wind tells us only what it wants us to hear.

Winter knits its sweater of us.

Cold daggers glitter in night’s obsidian eye
A rising gale picks at the locks,
Howling for pelts and silver.
A hoarded summer soup delivers us from the gulag
Of root vegetables. Peaches float in amber syrup,
Experiments in cryogenics.

Love broken, blood ravished,
Taste of August in our mouths,
We do not question the panic of sparrows.



About the Poet:
Jax Peters Lowell is an award-winning novelist and recipient of the Leeway Foundation Transformation Award for fiction and poetry.  Her poems have appeared in Poetry East, The Pinch, Alimentum, and The Examined Life and have been cited by the New York State Council on the Arts. In a parallel universe, she is a food writer, activist, gluten-free expert and bestselling author of The Gluten-Free Revolution, an American Library Association “Top 10 Food Book” of 2015.  Presently she is working on a novel. She lives in Philadelphia in a restored bread factory.  Yes, really.



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