this is how you remember high school

a dreamed-up kiss, too tight clothes & claustrophobic skin, the world spiraling into sense, the chemistry of falling out of love, the wingless phoenix struggling to fly, multiplying loneliness, the certainty of being a lab experiment gone wrong, sleepovers at houses that were never home, all the wrong shades of lipstick, discovering creative ways to slit your wrist & hiding it beneath pretexts and long black sleeves, turning scars into temporary tattoos, learning the hard way that swearing is cool but lesbian is an ugly word, the world spiraling out of sense, the dark drowning like prufrock, the taste of new words on your tongue, spying far away futures on the lawn, sky-walled classrooms & sunlight filtering through unwashed curtains, too-long waiting for too-short poetry lessons, conversations in shadowy corridors with someone you almost fell in love with, the utter depravity of clocks that refused to abide by the rules, walking past unchanging streets, people wearing different faces each day, growing up & apart, burnt diaries, leaving words unsaid, this sense of being so close yet invisible (forever)



About the Poet:
Archita Mittra is a wordsmith and visual artist with a love for all things vintage and darkly fantastical. She occasionally practices as a tarot card reader.


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