“I’m coming, I’m coming. Can’t you see I’m busy?”
I yell at the microwave’s beeps and scrolling
Your meal is ready! Your meal is ready!

Siri, you don’t understand me,
I have to repeat and repeat.
The camera’s great, the games are fun
But how do I get the damn thing to ring?

Recalculating, recalculating, recalculating…
The GPS is pissed with me when she’s the one that’s out of date.

While the dryer plays a lovely tune,
tumbles as she waits patiently.
Don’t tell my other possessions,
but I love you best.




About the Poet:
Although first published in 1994, an eventful family life and successful career did not leave enough space for poetry. Kimberly Peterson now returns full-time. Recently, her poems have been published in Poetry Breakfast, Drunk Monkeys, The Banister and 3Element Review. She received honourable mention in The Banister’s 31st annual poetry contest.



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