Degrees of Separation

When a child tweets
between falling bombs
Hello world
can you hear that?
thousands of followers
but when the question
is more personal
Are you there?
Can you help?
the simple
more difficult
to swallow,
her command
of English
the pink hair bow
too arranged
and what to make
of the blonde
blue-eyed doll,
the university
educated mother’s
hand in it all.
Easier for us
to un
follow The Other,
interpret bias
for peace
as propaganda …




About the Poet:
Jane Williams lives on the island of Tasmania, Australia. Best known for her poetry, she also enjoys writing across forms, combining creative writing with photography and collaborating with other artists. She has read her poetry in countries including Canada, Ireland, Malaysia and in Slovakia where she held a three month residency at the start of 2016.




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