Poem for Anaphora

I say the moon
is an old woman in rags
begging for bread.
You say the moon
is an arrogant hyena,
laughing at the sky’s loneliness.

I say the wind is an old man
sleeping in the doorway
of an abandoned building.
You say the wind
is a child twirling in circles
around a kite’s tail.

I say the sun
is a struggling poet,
each ray of light an empty line
in her notebook.
You say the sun
is a red nosed clown,
juggling stars behind his back.

I say water
is the shimmer of a ghost
at the end of a dark road.
You say water
is a flower breathing for the first time.

I say I am
a trembling mountain aspen,
moaning for rain
after years of drought.
You say you are a shark
silently swimming in the ocean-
the motion of existence constant,
even in your dreams.

I say to you,
all words ring hollow.
You say to me,
even emptiness speaks.



About the Poet:
Johanna Ely has been published in several anthologies, and in the online journal,”Autumn Sky Poetry Daily”. In 2015, she published a small collection of her poetry titled “Transformation”. She is honored to be the current Poet Laureate of Benicia, California.


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