Where I Find Belief

In the arms of a spruce, a black-capped chickadee,
gray wings flat against its body.

Among twigs in the thin crown of the birch moving against
distant clouds like the fingers of the blind reading the coming storm,
through a white oak leaf flattened on the trailer’s top,
still and perfect. Under the overturned hull of the kayak
lying on leaf-littered ground, abandoned like the thick days
of summer. Tracing the dark brown

water of Wescott Stream, moving again after the dry spell.
In the turtle that crawls towards comfort

on its muddy bottom.



About the Poet:
Judy Kaber recently retired after 34 years of teaching. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals, both print and online, including Eclectica, Off the Coast,

The Comstock Review, and The Guardian. Contest credits include the Maine Postmark Poetry Contest, the Larry Kramer Memorial Chapbook Contest, and, most recently, second place in the 2016 Muriel Craft Bailey Poetry Contest. More of her poems can be viewed at www.judykaber.com.



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