Because it frightened me
to learn my son bought a motorcycle,
I sit and read Neruda’s soft rain of words.

Because I watch a Harley corkscrew
through traffic like a rocket,
I observe the slow moon
emerge from smoky clouds.

Because he assures me
he has the right protection,
helmet, elbow/knee pads
and does not travel on heavy highways,
I dissolve my worries
in a bowl of blueberries and cream.

Because he calls about the accident,
hit by a car, says he’s okay
only broken ribs,
I open a bottle of wine
watch a cardinal bathe
on top of our spa cover.

Because he calls to tell me he sold the bike
I sing hallelujahs to the stars.



About the Poet:
Paula Camacho moderates the Farmingdale Poetry Group.  She is President of the Nassau County Poet Laureate Society,  She has published three books, Hidden Between Branches, Choice, More Than Clouds and four chapbooks, The Short Lives of Giants, November’s Diary, In Short, and Letters.



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