In Travel

how certain
objects become
like organs of
the body—
with passport,
visa, money,
cell phone (ears
and mouth—
though different
in that one
need not
constantly monitor
the heart to beat
or the lungs to breathe—
they are more
like small children who,
if they stray too far,
will be lost,
and you
will, too.


About the Poet:
Max Reif has published three books of poetry, Canticles for Meher, Every Day Music, and Journey from here to HERE. His forthcoming book of stories, Toward an Interior Sun, is being published by The Mindful Word. He has also just recorded a CD of songs, titled The Wake-Up Man. His poem, “Jazz Kahuna”, which appeared in Poetry Breakfast, has been nominated for a 2016 Best of the Net Award. He lives in the San Francisco bay area with his wife, Barbara.



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