A Draught of Gold

The sun rose again this morning
Without any fanfare;
A few grey clouds greeted him,
He smiled back –
They shone in a resplendent orange.

He rose a little higher,
The river greeted him,
He smiled back –
A glimmer of yellow
Seeped through the sparkling waters.

The men in the city walked on
Trailing their black coats
And long shadows,
Occupied with important things.

But a few looked up
And greeted the sun,
For they knew his visit was short;
He smiled back –
Their faces glowed in gold,
The sun in their hearts
Lit up the faces around them
All through the dark day.



About the Poet:
Sandhya Krishnakumar lives with her husband in Amsterdam. A teacher of French for many years, she currently spends her time reading, writing, learning languages and marvelling at the unexpected ways in which beauty and inspiration fill her days. Three of her poems are forthcoming in the Peacock Journal. More at: https://myeastandwest.wordpress.com/blog/



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