Choice & Meaning

I walked in to a room.
The door closed behind me and

There were no boundaries
so I went everywhere,
yet nowhere.

A line appeared.

I now had a visible and defined choice
of where to be.

Another line appeared.

Now there was an in between.

More lines appeared,
often random and unparallel to any others.

Lines upon lines.

Choice became difficult.

And the original line became obscured,





About the Poet:
Glenn E. Smith has written clown skits, silly rhymed children’s verse, short stories, and micro fiction. He’s even had a go at a few novellas.  To date, some of his work has appeared in Nuthouse, Northern Stars magazine, Quothade, Dark Fire Fiction, Black Petals magazine, AlienSkin magazine, The Haunted Traveler, and The Cult of Me.  He currently works in north central Illinois, where he lives with his wife Joyce.



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