Notes Taken While Listening to “Blue in Green”

Long goodbyes have a Twinkie shelf life.
+++++++ Don’t give me that look next time.

I forget the evening paper on the front step.
+++++++ It is wet with dew by morning.

The holes in my socks aren’t as funny to me.
+++++++ My bare feet ache from the cold, marble tiles.

The fridge stays closed without you facing it.
+++++++ What shade was hiding in there?

The rain comforts me somehow.
+++++++ You would count the drops.

When you return, time will seem shorter.
+++++++ Until then, purgatory.

You took the scarf I was wearing,
+++++++ What token did you leave behind?

You should be eating breakfast now,
+++++++ Reading your bone-dry newspaper.

Sleep just called and said he couldn’t make it.
+++++++ The scotch you left tastes awful.



About the Poet:
Jason Rogers lives in southeast Tennessee with his wife and daughter. He holds a B.S. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Literature and Writing from Lee University. His poetry and non-fiction have been published in several journals/reviews, both print and online. You can find him at



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