Putting the pieces back.

I will walk beside you. Fill your cracks
with care. Speak your strengths, over
and over until they are glue. Help you
see all truly beautiful things were once
broken. I will love you with abandon
pour a hot cup of tea. Search for your
missing shards. Pluck out sharp words
used for self-inflicted pain. Chant, cheer,
and call your name. I will run ahead
to look for danger and get behind to push.
But please know you have the final piece
to set in place. I can’t make you whole again.



About the Poet:
Alicia Grimshaw is the author of the poetry blog, Flashlight Batteries, dedicated to those struggling in darkness and tough times in life.  Ali is a lover of questions, Zydeco dance teacher, educator, mother and a poet at heart.  She is passionate about leading shared writing experiences so that others may experience the power of their own voices.



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