A February Stroll

We pretend the warmth sewed
into this temperate February day
will stretch like a jersey sheet
over the remaining wedge
of the month.
Mornings taut with unforeseen heat,
afternoons lazing on record highs,
evenings lolling on balmy hours.
Winds like beachy curls
frolic over scenery painted
in winter beige and gray.
We pass fellow hopefuls,
their expressions a weave of buoyant
and wary. If we can just reach
spring will be in sight.



About the Poet:
Tina Hacker is a four-time Pushcart Prize nominee whose work has appeared in a wide variety of journals, both online and paper. She was a finalist in New Letters and George F. Wedge competitions and Editor’s Choice in two journals. Her full-length book, Listening to Night Whistles, was published by Aldrich Press, and chapbook, Cutting It, by The Lives You Touch Publications. In 2016, Tina was honored as a “Muse” for The Writers Place in Kansas City.  Since 1976, she has been poetry editor for Veterans’ Voices, a magazine of writing by veterans throughout the nation.


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