from the porch swing

from the porch swing, I see
people pumping past
their limits,
cars swinging like pendulum
to the extremity of
what I see as road,
sun slinging light this way
into the dry street,
clouds swinging shade away
from the fawning trees.
to and from, I swing
because I heard that breeze
could tame. the rhythms
dizzy. I can’t get up from
here. the rhythms
hold, ball and chain
and ray,
wood and steel



About the Poet:
Claretta Holsey is a student at Stetson University, class of 2019. She is currently a sophomore, majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing and French. Though she pursues these studies in Florida, her home will always be Georgia. Her work is influenced by the timbres of jazz and Pentecostal psalms.



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