Alexa, What Is One Plus One?

‘I think you know the answer to that one.’

Because I would not, could not stay calm
or reasonable with fact-based evidence
Because instead of all the answers
I had questions of my own
Because I stamped my feet at injustice
and cried noisily at films
(quietly into my pillow at night)
Because he asks questions he already knows the answer to
just to test and tease and lecture on
till touch has gone, unless it’s right swipe.
Because who wouldn’t rather be a hammer than a nail?

He bought Alexa as a Christmas present for himself.



About the Poet:
Marina Sofia is a global nomad, reviewer and writer, who’s recently moved back to the UK after spending several years in the French Alps. She has published in online and print journals, and thinks poetry is the best procrastination when she should be working on her crime novel. She also spends far too much time blogging at and tweeting @MarinaSofia8.



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